Communicating adaptation in Scotland

COIN’s Talking Climate team have partnered with Adaptation Scotland to produce a practical ‘how-to’ guide on values-based communication.

adaptation scotland

Engaging meaningfully with a diverse range of individuals and organisations is one of the biggest challenges surrounding climate change adaptation.  To help address this issue, COIN‘s Talking Climate team have partnered with Adaptation Scotland, a programme funded by the Scottish Government to help the country address and prepare for the impacts of climate change, to produce a practical ‘how-to’ guide on values-based communication.

The Communicating Adaptation report provides clear, concise summaries of the principles of engagement, such as the importance of message framing, telling positive stories and engaging with people on all parts of the political spectrum.  These recommendations are combined with practical examples of how public bodies, the private sector and communities in Scotland can use the principles in their work.

Read the full report here.

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