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Public values for energy system change
Climate Change Seen as Top Global Threat
Mental models of sea-level change: A mixed methods analysis on the Severn Estuary, UK
Expert judgements of sea-level rise at the local scale
The relationship between climate change concern and national wealth
Beyond ‘deniers’ and ‘believers’: Towards a map of the politics of climate change
Personal experience with climate change predicts intentions to act
Scepticism in a changing climate: A cross-national study
Embracing and resisting climate identities in the Australian press: Sceptics, scientists and politics
Climate adaptation: Cultural knowledge and local risks
Psychological research and global climate change
ntrinsic motivation and pro-environmental behaviour
Context, control and the spillover of energy use behaviours between office and home settings
Engaging with energy reduction: Does a climate change frame have the potential for achieving broader sustainable behaviour?
Explaining topic prevalence in answers to open-ended survey questions about climate change.
An empirical examination of echo chambers in US climate policy networks
Social ties and concern for global warming
Framing, partisan predispositions, and public opinion on climate change
Prospects for radical emissions reduction through behavior and lifestyle change
Australian climate action groups in the deliberative system

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