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Visual Climate Change Communication: From Iconography to Locally Framed 3D Visualization
Does green consumerism increase the acceptance of wind power?
Simple and Painless? The Limitations of Spillover in Environmental Campaigning
Interventions in practice: re-framing policy approaches to consumer behaviour
Public perceptions of energy choices: the influence of beliefs about climate change and the environment
A thousand flowers blooming? An examination of community energy in the UK
Refining the theory of basic individual values
A new agenda on climate change: Facing up to stealth denial and winding down on fossil fuels
Between hype and decline: recent trends in public perception of climate change
Public perceptions of climate change and energy futures before and after the Fukushima accident: A comparison between Britain and Japan
Systems thinking, culture of reliability and safety
Poles Apart: The international reporting of climate scepticism
Sociopsychological perspectives on the active roles of domestic actors in transition to a lower carbon electricity economy
Willingness to accept climate change strategies: The effect of values and norms
Building capacity for low-carbon communities: The role of grassroots initiatives
After the floods: Communicating climate change around extreme weather
Don't mind the gap between values and action
Global Warming's Six Americas in May 2011
Cultural cognition and public policy
Making Sense of Climate Change: How Story Frames Shape Cognition

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