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Public division about climate change rooted in conflicting socio-political identities
Ideology and climate change denial
The social-psychological determinants of climate change risk perceptions: Towards a comprehensive model
Messaging climate change uncertainty
Acting green elicits a literal warm glow
Nature Documentaries, Connectedness to Nature, and Pro-environmental Behavior
My country or my planet? Exploring the influence of multiple place attachments and ideological beliefs upon climate change attitudes and opinions
People as sensors: Mass media and local temperature influence climate change discussion on Twitter
“We don’t tell people what to do”: An examination of the factors influencing NGO decisions to campaign for reduced meat consumption in light of climate change
Positive and negative spillover of pro-environmental behavior: An integrative review and theoretical framework
Visual Climate Change Communication: From Iconography to Locally Framed 3D Visualization
Does green consumerism increase the acceptance of wind power?
Simple and Painless? The Limitations of Spillover in Environmental Campaigning
Interventions in practice: re-framing policy approaches to consumer behaviour
Public perceptions of energy choices: the influence of beliefs about climate change and the environment
A thousand flowers blooming? An examination of community energy in the UK
Refining the theory of basic individual values
A new agenda on climate change: Facing up to stealth denial and winding down on fossil fuels
Between hype and decline: recent trends in public perception of climate change
Public perceptions of climate change and energy futures before and after the Fukushima accident: A comparison between Britain and Japan

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