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Weather or Not? Examining the Impact of Meteorological Conditions on Public Opinion regarding Global Warming
Trends in Public Attitudes Toward Climate Change: The Influence of the Economy and Climategate on Risk, Information, and Public Policy
Ecological citizenship: a driver of pro-environmental behaviour?
How Grammatical Choice Shapes Media Representations of Climate (Un)certainty
The role of social norms on preferences towards climate change policies: A meta-analysis
Laughing in the Face of Climate Change? Satire as a Device for Engaging Audiences in Public Debate
Do weather fluctuations cause people to seek information about climate change
Would you rule out going green? The effect of inclusion versus exclusion mindset on pro-environmental willingness
On attitudes towards humanity and climate change: The effects of humanity esteem and self-transcendence values on environmental concerns
Affirming belief in scientific progress reduces environmentally friendly behaviour
Effects of message framing in policy communication on climate change
Climate protection needs societal change: Determinants of intention to participate in collective climate action
Adherence to climate change-related ingroup norms: Do dimensions of group identification matter?
Imagining climate change: The role of implicit associations and affective psychological distancing in climate change responses
On the relationship between personal experience, affect and risk perception:The case of climate change
Investigating the effects of knowledge and ideology on climate change beliefs
Developing a social psychology of climate change (Editorial)
The Role of Emotion in Global Warming Policy Support and Opposition
Social mobilization of climate change: University students conserving energy through multiple pathways for peer engagement
Religion and foundations of American public opinion towards global climate change

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