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Climate Change on Twitter: Topics, Communities and Conversations about the 2013 IPCC Working Group 1 Report
Climate Change Education through TV Weathercasts Results of a Field Experiment
Audience segmentation and climate change communication: conceptual and methodological considerations
Shifting discourses of climate change in India
Cross-National Public Opinion on Climate Change : The Effects of Affluence and Vulnerability
What drives Media attention for climate change? Explaining issue attention in Australian, German and Indian print media from 1996 to 2010
Towards a new framework for communicating climate change
The role of knowledge, learning and mental models in public perceptions of climate change related risks
Danger is all around: Eliciting expert perceptions for managing climate change through a mental models approach
Social representations of climate change in Swedish lay focus groups : Local or distant, gradual or catastrophic?
Social representations of climate change in Swedish lay focus groups : Local or distant, gradual or catastrophic?
Perceptions of climate change and trust in information providers in rural Australia
Framing of climate change in newspaper coverage of the East Anglia e-mail scandal
When climate science became climate politics : British media representations of climate change in 1988
Public support for climate and energy policies in November 2013
Perception, experience, and indigenous knowledge of climate change and variability: the case of Accra, a sub-Saharan African city
Trusted Sources: The Role Scientific Societies Can Play in Informing Public Opinion on Climate Change
Investigating Connections Between Industry Affiliation and Climate Change Attitudes
Climate change and coastal environmental risk perceptions in Florida
Climate Change in the American Mind: Americans’ Global Warming Beliefs and Attitudes in November 2013 - See more at:

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