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Co-benefits of addressing climate change can motivate action around the world
Local is not always better: the impact of climate information on values, behavior and policy support
Image matters: Climate change imagery in US, UK and Australian newspapers
Cultural cognition of scientific consensus
Why we are poles apart on climate change
Climate change: Is seeing believing?
Using social norms and commitment to promote pro-environmental behavior among hotel guests. Journal of Environmental Psychology
How do young people engage with climate change? The role of knowledge, values, message framing, and trusted communicators
The genesis of climate change activism: from key beliefs to political action
“Fear won’t do it”: Promoting positive engagement with climate change through visual and iconic representations
Examining the willingness of Americans to alter behaviour to mitigate climate change
Apocalypse soon? Dire messages reduce belief in global warming by contradicting just-world beliefs
The politization of climate change and polarization in the American public's views of global warming
Ethics and Public Perception of Climate Change: Exploring the Christian Voices in the US Public Debate
It's a Matter of Trust: American Judgments of the Credibility of Informal Communicators on Solutions to Climate Change
Self-interest and pro-environmental behaviour [Letter]
Messing with nature? Exploring public perceptions of geoengineering in the UK
Breaking the climate change communication deadlock
Public engagement with climate change: the role of human values
Like artificial trees? The effect of framing by natural analogy on public perceptions of geoengineering

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