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Public views on the dangers and importance of climate change: predicting climate change beliefs in the United States through income moderated by party identification
Communicating scientific uncertainty
Team science for science communication
The science of sharing and the sharing of science
Communicating science-based recommendations with memorable and actionable guidelines
Prescriptive scientific narratives for communicating usable science
The cultural side of science communication
Using narratives and storytelling to communicate science with nonexpert audiences
Creating a national citizen engagement process for energy policy
Leveraging scientific credibility about Arctic sea ice trends in a polarized political environment
Gaining trust as well as respect in communicating to motivated audiences about science topics
Science communication as political communication
Public Engagement with Climate Change as Scientific Citizenship: A Case Study of World Wide Views on Global Warming
Reframing nuclear power in the UK energy debate: nuclear power, climate change mitigation and radioactive waste
Carbon reduction scenarios for 2050: An explorative analysis of public preferences
Weather or Not? Examining the Impact of Meteorological Conditions on Public Opinion regarding Global Warming
Trends in Public Attitudes Toward Climate Change: The Influence of the Economy and Climategate on Risk, Information, and Public Policy
Ecological citizenship: a driver of pro-environmental behaviour?
How Grammatical Choice Shapes Media Representations of Climate (Un)certainty
The role of social norms on preferences towards climate change policies: A meta-analysis

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