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How Will I Be Remembered? Conserving the Environment for the Sake of One’s Legacy
Sea-Level Rise Risk Communication: Public Understanding, Risk Perception, and Attitudes about Information
Climate Change Scepticism A Conceptual Re-Evaluation
Predictors of public climate change awareness and risk perception around the world
Public values for energy system change
Climate Change Seen as Top Global Threat
Mental models of sea-level change: A mixed methods analysis on the Severn Estuary, UK
Expert judgements of sea-level rise at the local scale
The relationship between climate change concern and national wealth
Beyond ‘deniers’ and ‘believers’: Towards a map of the politics of climate change
Personal experience with climate change predicts intentions to act
Scepticism in a changing climate: A cross-national study
Embracing and resisting climate identities in the Australian press: Sceptics, scientists and politics
Climate adaptation: Cultural knowledge and local risks
Psychological research and global climate change
ntrinsic motivation and pro-environmental behaviour
Context, control and the spillover of energy use behaviours between office and home settings
Engaging with energy reduction: Does a climate change frame have the potential for achieving broader sustainable behaviour?
Explaining topic prevalence in answers to open-ended survey questions about climate change.
An empirical examination of echo chambers in US climate policy networks

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