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PIRC has pub­lished a series of Climate Factsheets which provide clear, con­cise, accurate and easy-to-use guid­ance to a range of cli­mate sci­ence topics, including tem­per­ature trends, arctic ice melt, and extreme weather events.

As key mem­bers of the Common Cause coali­tion, both PIRC and COIN have made major con­tri­bu­tions to re-thinking and re-aligning the way that third sector organ­isa­tions communicate.

In con­junc­tion with the UK Climate Change and Migration Coalition, COIN has pub­lished a pion­eering com­mu­nic­a­tions briefing for human rights, refugee and envir­on­mental organ­isa­tions that are starting to get to grips with the thorny issue of cli­mate change and migration.

COIN has pub­lished a short e-book con­taining prac­tical advice for pro­moting sus­tain­able beha­viour, which is avail­able from Do_Sustainability.

In 2010, COIN and PIRC par­ti­cip­ated in a Climate Change Communication Advisory Group for the Department of Energy & Climate Change, and pro­duced a guide to com­mu­nic­ating cli­mate change to mass public audi­ences.

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