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PIRC has published a series of Climate Factsheets which provide clear, concise, accurate and easy-to-use guidance to a range of climate science topics, including temperature trends, arctic ice melt, and extreme weather events.

As key members of the Common Cause coalition, both PIRC and COIN have made major contributions to re-thinking and re-aligning the way that third sector organisations communicate.

In conjunction with the UK Climate Change and Migration Coalition, COIN has published a pioneering communications briefing for human rights, refugee and environmental organisations that are starting to get to grips with the thorny issue of climate change and migration.

COIN has published a short e-book containing practical advice for promoting sustainable behaviour, which is available from Do_Sustainability.

In 2010, COIN and PIRC participated in a Climate Change Communication Advisory Group for the Department of Energy & Climate Change, and produced a guide to communicating climate change to mass public audiences.

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